Why Our Clients Love Us

Joining Enhanced Medical Care is one of the best decisions I have made. I travel extensively for business, and it is a huge benefit for me to have access to professional medical care any time — day or night. There is a remarkable difference in seeing Dr. Costa vs. seeing a regular physician. He is deeply committed to addressing all of my health needs and concerns. He also provides top-notch referrals and vigorously follows up to ensure that I am fully informed and my treatment is never compromised. There is never a wait or issue with insurance either – it is absolutely painless and stress free!
P. L. P., Boston, MA



I am a 60-year-old Ph.D.-level scientist engaged in pharmaceutical research and development. I was a patient of Dr. Costa’s for 10 years before he decided to set up his new concierge practice, and I did not hesitate to sign on as a member. Although Dr. Costa is a primary care physician, he has substantial specialized training and extensive experience. At a time when health insurance companies are denying needed medical care, I do not have to fight for proper care and insurance reimbursement, or wage an endless, nickel-and-dime war to access appropriate drugs and routine care. Dr. Costa has made a major commitment to achieving fairness in insurance coverage and reimbursements, so as a patient I don’t have to deal with this burden. In my opinion, Dr. Costa embodies the best of what it means to be a physician and healer. I have always found him to be open-minded, empathetic and extremely dedicated to understanding both the patient and the problem – and to achieving the best possible medical outcomes.
P.D., Boston, MA



I’m a 55 year old professional with a heavy travel schedule and an unhealthy dose of all the typical business- and life-induced stresses. Though I’ve managed to stay healthy, I know that maintaining my long-term health requires more than just brief office visits with my doctor. I need a physician-patient relationship that helps me work out a preventive strategy to my long-term well being, rather than an “emergency room” approach. Unfortunately, in today’s managed care environment, it’s virtually impossible for any physician to share enough face-time to truly invest in my wellness. Since I became a member of Dr. Costa’s concierge practice, I feel I that have a true ally in managing and optimizing my long-term health – one who has the time, focus and resources I need. With Dr. Costa, I get the best of all worlds – the attention and focus of a personal physician, coupled with access to the resources and research of some of the best medical specialists in the world.
F.G., Boston, MA



I have been a patient of Dr. Costa for many years, and I have always thought of him as very thorough and professional, despite the usual trappings of an extremely busy practice. When Dr. Costa informed me he was setting up his new concierge practice, I was concerned about the additional cost – and about finding another doctor I could trust. I decided to sign up with Dr. Costa for one year and try it out. Now I have no intention of leaving. Since joining his new practice, I have accessed him directly by phone at all hours. He always returns calls personally and promptly, and it never feels like he is in a rush to get off the phone. When I came down with the flu last year the day before Thanksgiving, he offered to drive to my home for a visit. I have always been impressed and extremely satisfied with Dr. Costa as a primary care physician. With this new practice, he is able to devote more time and attention to each patient – a clear benefit to everyone involved.
A.B., Boston, MA



Marilyn has done more for my physical and mental health over the years than any drug, meditation or herbal remedy there is. I trust her completely and truly appreciate her passion, knowledge and capacity for caring. I often feel like the only patient she has! I’d highly recommend her to anyone that believes in investing in their well-being.
T.K., Boston, MA
I was Dr. Costa’s patient while he was at MGH Downtown. In fact, I endured more than five years of the U.S. Healthcare System’s “fast-food” approach to medical care purely because I appreciated the extra attention that Dr. Costa tried to give his patients. When I learned that he was setting up a concierge practice, I jumped at the chance to sign up, despite extreme geographic barriers. MGH Downtown is a pleasant ten-minute boat ride and five-minute walk from my home in the Charlestown Navy Yard, while Dr. Costa’s new practice is a half-hour haul out the Massachusetts turnpike to Newton. However, I gladly make that trek because of the level of care and personalized attention I receive. No matter where you live in the Boston area, you’ll still spend much more time being cared for by this doctor than you’ll spend getting to him. That’s a marked difference from the way things work in a typical medical practice.
W.L.M., Boston, MA



Dr. Costa has been my physician for about 20 years. I consider him my doctor and after knowing him for these many years, my friend. When he left MGH downtown, I struggled to justify the expense of going with him versus staying at MGH with a new doctor. I felt Dr. Costa’s level of care, knowledge of my history, and willingness to treat me as a peer in the medical process outweighed any cost concerns that I might have had, and I joined his new practice…. I have never been disappointed with this choice. In fact, when I recently was injured and needed help, Dr. Costa extended himself beyond any concierge arrangement I could imagine….he’s a real gem.
J.R., Newton, MA



Dr. Mark Costa has been my primary care physician for over 12 years. There are many great things I could say over the time I have been in his care- he is knowledgeable, thorough, meticulous, patient and understanding. As impressive, Mark will take your call on a Sunday night and see you if you’re sick- Yes, he will make house calls if you can’t make it to his office. He limits the number of his patients so that he can give personalized attention to every person and every family in his care. Beyond this, he is a genuine, kind, good natured person and trusted friend. I strongly recommend his services.
P.P., Boston, MA



I began seeing Dr, Costa more than ten years ago, when he was with MGH Downtown. It took me about 15 minutes to get to his office and about 15 minutes to get hustled through it. But I remained Dr. Costa’s patient there for more than five years because I appreciated the extra attention that he tried (despite the “now serving patient number 17!” atmosphere) to give his patients. When I learned that he was setting up a concierge practice, I jumped at the chance to sign up. Now, although he’s located in “far-distant Newton” (at least a 30-minute drive from Boston), I still spend much more time actually seeing Dr. Costa and being treated by him than I spend getting to him. Any time I hear anyone complain about the sorry state of health care, I refer them to Dr. Costa. I hope that he represents the direction the rest of the industry is heading.
W.M., Boston, MA



I’ve know Marilyn for a few years and have always been impressed with her in depth knowledge, genuine concern and good natured way. She is a strong, energetic professional who understands the medical establishment and uses this knowledge to forcefully and effectively advocate for the best possible treatment and care. I highly recommend her service.

P.P., Newton, MA


Marilyn knows her subject and where to get the best, most-up-to-date information for her patients/clients. She is fabulous to work with. Very interested in everything about you and takes every detail into account when helping you. She really listens.
C.G., Newton, MA


Dr. Costa is a superlative physician who I have chosen to have as my personal physician. He takes a special interest in each patient in developing wellness and preventive health goals which impressed me. He puts his patients first and is personable and spends quality time with his patients.
T.W., Braintree, MA



I can’t recommend Dr. Costa highly enough. He is extremely knowledgeable and very personable. Dr. Costa is not intimidating. I highly recommend his services for anyone considering a concierge physician.
T.K., Boston, MA



I highly recommend Dr. Mark Costa. He takes a personal interest in his patients and is everything you should want and expect from a doctor. I have recommend him to many of my friends over the years and all have had a great experience.
S.S., Boston, MA



Mark Costa, MD has been my primary care physician for sixteen years, initially when he was associated with MGH Downtown Associates and, during the last few years, in his private concierge practice, Enhanced Medical Care. During that time, he has consistently rendered the most up-to-date, meticulously detail-oriented medical care. Mark epitomizes the interpersonally skilled physician with high emotional intelligence who naturally inspires trust and confidence. He excels at distilling implications of the latest medical findings and applying them in practical lifestyle approaches and treatment protocols. While he is currently aligned with the extensive, highly reputed Beth Israel network of physicians and hospitals, he is also able to leverage his extensive prior medical associations within the Partners network in obtaining the very best care for his patients. As an insightful collaborator in maintaining health, he has skillfully guided me through my middle years and is a major reason why I am fortunate to enjoy robust good health today. I would recommend Mark without reservation to anyone seeking top tier primary care.
J.B., Boston, MA



When my mother needed to enter the maze of rehabilitation care, skilled nursing care, and long-term care insurance, and I had to face the emotional impact of her situation, I probably would have ended up shooting somebody if I had also had to deal with the infuriating bureaucracy of her insurance companies (and occasionally that of the institutions where she was being cared for). Marilyn Chown assumed primary responsibility for dealing with all these people, and took a huge burden off my shoulders, leaving me free to focus my energies on being a son, not a secretary.

B.L., MD, Boston, MA



Marilyn takes her role as a healthcare provider as more than just a job; it is clearly her passion. She is continually researching leading-edge medical news to have the most up to date information for her patients. Her philosophy of combining a more traditional medical education with alternative medicine is based on her first-hand experience of the effectiveness of these practices. She is creative and entrepreneurial as a business owner, constantly thinking of new ways to develop the practice to be the most beneficial to her clients. She takes the time to fully address the unique needs of each patient, even accompanying some to the emergency room late at night to act as their health advocate when they most need it. Her work ethic is unparalleled – she is as terrific a manager as she is a wellness specialist. She is kind, personable, motivated, caring, knowledgeable and an extremely hard worker who is always on top of the many things that are thrown her way. These characteristics play into her role as a colleague just as they clearly do in her role as a medical expert
E.R., Chicago, IL



Marilyn is an integral member of Enhanced Medical Care and now of Enhanced Wellness. She routinely investigates alternative approaches to resolving medical complaints. I have benefitted more than once from her quick, yet thoroughly researched knowledge. She is dedicated to my well-being which goes above and beyond the norm. Her work with Vitamin D has benefitted me greatly. And, she’s easy to work with.
C.R., Boston, MA